Images from the British Library Illuminated Manuscripts

I leave today for three weeks of research in the UK. In preparation I’ve been poking around the British Library’s online catalogs, and found that they have apparently digitized sample images from all of their illuminated manuscripts. Below are a few of the more interesting:

Randle Holme, John Holme,“Man in Profile,”  Sketchbook and household ledger. England, N. W. (Chester); c. 1688-1692
Anon., Discourse on Geomancy Dedicated to King James II, England, c. 1685.
 Anon. Seven Emblems, France, late 17th c.
 Anon. Allegorical Designs Relating to Political Events in the Reigns of King James I and Charles I. England, c. 1628.

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  1. it's a shame you're only just arriving in Britiain – John dee's mirror has been on display at the V&A as part of the Horace walpole exhibition but that closed on sunday. Hope you have a good time in London, I look forward to seeing the new things you find.

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