Popular Writing

“Farewell to the Futurians,” for Cabinet (forthcoming late 2019)

Eleven articles for Bunk.

“Astral Travels with Jack London,” for The Public Domain Review

“Palm Trees and Potions: on Portuguese Pharmacy Signs,” for The Recipes Project

“Into the Mystic,” for Aeon Magazine

“Lessons from Rare Book School,” for The Paris Review

“Animals in the Archive,” for JSTOR Daily

“The Literature of Laughing Gas” for The Paris Review

“Newton’s Needle” for The Pacific Standard

“The King of the Islands of Refreshment” for The Appendix

“Wizards of the Coast” for The Paris Review

“Yesterday’s Drugs are Tomorrow’s Medicines” for Aeon Magazine

“Victorian Occultism and the Art of Synesthesia” for The Public Domain Review

“A Pirate Surgeon in Panama” for The Appendix

“Meerkats without History: Digging for a Nonhuman Past in the Kalahari” in The Appendix

“The Premodern History of Outer Space” for The Atlantic

Made in Taiwan?” for The Appendix

An Eighteenth-Century Book of Magic” for Slate

How Three Illegal Drugs Came to Be” for The Atlantic

“Painting the New World,” for The Public Domain Review

In addition to the articles above, I’ve written approximately 100 blog posts between 2009 and the present.

The bRes Obscura header newulk of them are imported from my blog Res Obscura, which is loosely themed around globalization, drugs, medicine and science, and intercultural exchanges in the early modern period. It also has a strong focus on visual culture and art history and has been featured on Metafilter and Slate’s Culture Gabfest. The blog is more or less on hiatus at the moment as I work on my dissertation, the Appendix, and articles, but I intend to resurrect it.

Read all Res Obscura posts here.


Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 1.07.28 PMThe Appendix is an online journal of experimental and narrative history that I co-founded in 2012.

Read all Appendix articles and posts here.


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